Devon Kalfos

Devon is a tall man with a thin build that lacks any tone. He has a blond flat-top. His eyes are open a bit too wide. He wears a mismatch of clothes t


Uncanny Explorer


He drifts off in conversation and launches into tangents. His fingers move when he is thinking, as if on a keyboard.
Something is not right about Devon, and it is clear to everyone who meets him. He is even-tempered and kind, but it is obvious that Devon does not see the world like everyone else.
Devon is looking for something, and not even Devon knows what it is. At times he has a strong desire to get into his ship and plot a random course.
A deep sea scout, Devon went out on a survey and returned home to find that he had changed, but with no recollection of what happened to him. The doctors were unable to detect any physical problems. Despite his strange behavior, Devon was able to return to his job. Eventually Devon was able to pay off his ship, and now he takes odd jobs to keep the ship fueled so that he can travel when the impulse strikes.
(PV) Adventurer, mysterious, stealthy

Devon Kalfos

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