Frankie Nightingale


Vampire Lounge Singer
“Thank you! You’re a wonderful audience! Be sure to tip your server bots. And you, youngmiss, how about dinner? I’m starving…”
Appearance: He wears a black sharkskin tuxedo and gaudy rings with large stones. His skin is pale with a bluish tint, and
his blond hair is slicked back.
Roleplaying: When the lyrics have similar context to the
spoken conversation , he’ll sing a line or two of a classic song
instead of speaking.
Personality: Arrogant in a subtle way, Frankie tries to win
people over with his charm.
Motivation: He loves life and wants to enjoy it—forever.


Many decades ago, Frankie was a biochemist who
discovered a compound that stopped the aging process. Along
with virtual immortality, the person who ingests it develops
an allergic reaction to sunlight and a need to consume large
amounts of iron-rich plasma such as can be found in human
blood. When Frankie was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he
decided to ingest the compound himself as a way to cheat death.
He now knows that the compound is also addictive and that he is
hooked on it. Even though medical science could cure his cancer
in the present day, he can’t stop using the compound. Instead,
Frankie has decided on a much more morbid and murderous
life. He’s been smart about it, too: Who would believe in a
vampire lounge act?
Traits: (PB) Ancient, charming, eccentric, entertainment

Frankie Nightingale

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