John Candor

Candor’s spiky hair and disheveled coat show how little he cares about his appearance. Perpetually surrounded by control sticks and camera monitors, h


Security Controller
“Section 52A, Camera 3. Oooh, you’re
gonna hate the laser grid up ahead.”
Traits: (JA) Eccentric, police, power hungry, white collar


Candor is twitchy. His head darts from one monitor to the next, and he has a bottle of eye drops nearby at all times. He’ll often lure in pirates by faking damage to a base, only to bring up a fully operational defense grid once they are too far in to get out.
John Candor has always been a control freak. He enjoys toying with people and was the sort to torture small animals when he was a child.
He loves toying with people, and he cares less about the security of the bases he guards than he does about having a new “toy” to play with.
When John Candor found a job that put him in charge of the remote controlled defenses of multiple uninhabited supply depots, he fell in love. With his bevy of remote controlled drones and security cameras, he keeps one step ahead of the many pirates who try to break in, and sometimes he lets them inside just so he can toy with him. One can see an almost disappointed look on Candor’s face when a ship docks with a valid resupply code.

John Candor

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