Laranna Le'Zurkosko


Wandering Mechanic
“Come in, come in! Whatever you’re looking
for, Laranna has it for you!”
Appearance: Tall, well-built, and beautiful, Laranna has dark
skin and eyes which she always complements with a cacophony
of bright, primary colored clothing. She is surrounded by a
heady miasma of exotic spices and incense.
Roleplaying: Laranna refers to herself in the third person, and
often speaks in vaguely cryptic riddles. She flirts constantly with
anyone who appears receptive, regardless of gender, culture, or
even species, but keeps the tone playful and mostly innocent.
Personality: In love with her wanderer heritage and image,
Laranna works hard at being flamboyant and mysterious while
making it appear casual and natural. She loves to be the center
of attention.
Motivation: Laranna wants to show up, be admired for her
phenomenal skills and looks, make a good chunk of money, and
then leave.

A highly skilled mechanic and craftsman,

Laranna can fix anything from a diesel truck to a warp engine.
She is a member of a space wanderer family and owes loyalty to
no one and nothing except them. Currently a bachelorette, she
is traveling the galaxy and seeing what there is to see before her
mother decides it is time for her to marry and start a family of
her own.
Traits: (MN) Beautiful, business, crafter, merchant, mysterious

Laranna Le'Zurkosko

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