Lisa Kyron, Ph.D.


Determined Intellectual
“Robotics and artificial intelligence are ready to merge,
and that merger will take place in synthetic organisms.
It will have all the benefits of biology, but none of the
weaknesses. Cells will combine with alloys to create a new
life form that will surpass all that have come before it.”

Slightly overweight, she wears a special
mechanized leg brace that assists her in walking. She dresses
stylishly, but often wears a lab coat when working.

Lisa loves to teach others about her work, and she
has a very engaging style when doing so. She uses her hands to
illustrate her topic when lecturing.

Although she may be one of the smartest people
on the planet, she never talks down to others. She is friendly,
likable, and is highly regarded by all who know her.

She severely injured her leg while whitewater
rafting, and has since dedicated her life to designing robotic
prosthetic systems that rehabilitate or replace organic structures.
Recently she has jumped even farther ahead, as she is now
creating synthetic organs to replace a person’s biological systems.


A child prodigy who exceeded all expectations,
Lisa has attended the finest schools and has always graduated at
the top of her class. She is the leading expert in her field and has
earned the respect of her peers. Some fear that she is crossing
a line with her latest research, but she dismisses such claims as

(PB) Academic, charming, genius, scientist

Lisa Kyron, Ph.D.

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