Natalee (Nate) DuVall

Drag Queen Detective


Nate wears rumpled brown suits, never matches his
belt to his shoes, and cycles through pairs of half-broken glasses
on a daily basis. As Natalee, she favors bubblegum pink gowns,
sequined gloves, and blouses that show off her artfully airbrushed


Nate is a shy and retiring wallflower, while Natalee
is a brassy extrovert. She’s incredibly perceptive.
Personality: As Nate, he’s shy, cautious, and quiet; as Natalee,
she’s boisterous, bold, and talkative. Natalee doesn’t mind her
time as Nate, but she has a lot more fun as Natalee—and more
fun still when her two worlds cross, and she’s forced to go out on
business as Natalee. She’s still deeply hurt by her family’s rejection
of her, but the stares and barbs from strangers just roll off her—
most of the time.

Natalee wants to make enough money as Nate that
she can merge her two lives and live as Natalee full-time, turning
away any clients who disapprove of her lifestyle.

Natalee leads a dual life as a private detective, Nate
DuVall, by day and the star of a drag revue, the Divine Madame
Natalee, by night. Few people who know Nate also know Natalee,
but all of her true friends know both sides of her life. She’s a
competent, creative detective, equally capable with her fists and
her revolver.

(MR) Entertainment, police, scientist, warrior

Natalee (Nate) DuVall

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