Mystery of Atlantis

Getting out of Dodge
Between the game

We all get down into a tunnel to stay hidden and lose any followers. Magic Mike makes us all a gun range so we all can start getting some skills in fire arms. I think we might need it on this run. After our practice we sit down and try to figure out what to do next. Right now our best plans is to go to New Port VA, UCAS and then find a way to get to The Isle of Crete.

First Adventure

-February 17: 2069
Everyman McScoop has appointment to interview President of UCAS Angela Colloton While he is waiting he talks to michael Clark. Secrtary of commerce chief of staff. Michael Clark seems to be all the man in the know over the events in Note 2. Michael Clark is not letting slip any information. Michael Clark has a very squeky clean record.

Magic Mike gets approached by mystery man later identified as Lucus Duello. Lucus Duello told him to much information about me and Everyman McScoop and gave Magic Mike a plain white card with a number .Lucus Duello told lou the bartender to put Magic Mike tab on him for a week.

Everyman McScoop does his interview with the president. I am just doing background seaching just to see if anything hickups. While I am waiting I am using half my encephalon to help me program. I find out that there is no miscellanicious background noise during the interview. I find out that nothing happened that was not planned during the interview. I tell Everyman McScoop and we go to the bar. Find out that MAGIC MIKE was aprroched by Lucus Duello We call John Doe and invite him over to the bar. Everyman McScoop wants to party and he picks up a few women to join us. We have more drinks on When I walk out side I start looking for security cameras. I am having a hard time finding them. When we get back to Everyman McScoop we decide to give Lucus Duello a call in the morning. In the morning we all go to our day job. I am working in Everyman McScoop . Lucus Duello knocks on the door around 9 am. I am freeking out that he has found us and he knows so much. Got impression that he was elf, but he is human. Tells me he works for CityPatch. It is a nonprofit corp that helps the homeless. I do a full matrix search and his story checks out. Was expecting something to smack me while I did the search, but nothing did. Called MAGIC MIKE to have him over. Called Everyman McScoop to let him know. We call and setup a meet at 7pm at bar. I am not liking this. MAGIC MIKE thinks this is just corencidence and that the spell at the bar was not targeting me. I set frame to look for homeless in area and area itself just see if I can find out anything about Lucus Duello .

We go with scoop to bar early. Lucus Duello moves the meet from our table to a secret back room. He then sits and gives us a job. He makes note of John Doe being missing. He tells us of a man that has stolen 7 magic items from his Corporation. He does not know what they are or what they do. He does not know who stoled them. All he has is the theif has posted 5 posts on various Pollie club matrix boards. We will be paid 5,000 each a week + expenses and any equipment we need. He is also arranging a worker exchange for our day job so that we can focus on this full time. He said we can contact him through the number he gave us and to give him a list of equipment we need as proof that we accept the mission.

The equipment list we come up with is
handgun, shotgun, asult rifel.300 rounds each for each of us.
bugs and trackers
bug scanner
surveillance equipment
skill soft- each of weapon. 4 and 5., water survival ship nav, and ship pilot and biotech.
know soft of as many languages as we can get. especially around all locations.
50K in script and on cred stick.

conjring healing focus.
maps of all locations of where atlantis is roumored to be
Info on ship incident in atlantis areas

sea worthy Boat and knowlege chip at four and 5.

Everyman McScoop and my self start doing matrix searches to see if we can find the posts.
decking to see if I can find the board that he posted on. Stop

cali, ucus, gb, azlan, amazonia, renruku ,lonestar, cas, and stader cup countries in crash

Next morning

start searching. found two posts.

get 50K newyen, azlan, euro and CAs cash,

founds 2 different sights that might be leads. and both had initial post. both same time.
Start searching for other people who post on same boards.
3 names. on all four boards. 3 on 3 boards. 30 on 2.
1 name find on 6 other sites. start searching sites
reddevil has two more sites – He is the one that we find on all the posts.

Once we find the last posting from reddevil a matrix icon of got made us and says we should stop what we are doing and he tells me where all four members of my team is. I freak out and jack out of of matrix. We all gather give Lucus Duello a call letting him know that we are leaving town. We have gone under ground to stop all pursute.

Projects I am working on.

Working on Theory

  • Cars vs number of patrons.

Programming Plan Matrix Battle Tech – 1/2 Encephlon – 9.5 hours + 6 Sleep + 11 Hours
4:30 1/2 Encephlon- coming up with programming plan Special Utility for BattleTac Matrixlink level 5. go to bed about 2 am. till 8 in morning Next day at 7pm start deck

Next game May 7th.


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